Hi everyone, I’m Daizy! My mom found me when I was just eight weeks old in the middle of a street in Tucson. Lucky for me, she scooped me up and took me home with her. Mommy kept saying I was a gift from her daddy in heaven but I didn’t know what that meant, yet.

I had a big “brother,” a wonderful Golden Retriever named Fred. At first, he wasn’t thrilled to have a tiny puppy in the house; but before long we were best pals. Suddenly, Fred passed away two months later, but before he left us, he taught me something very important. You see, my mom has epilepsy and Fred was her therapy dog. The lessons he gave me were to protect my mommy, never leave her side and alert someone when she’s sick.

So when she tells me I was her gift from her daddy in heaven, I now understand. But she really was my gift too. We found each other.

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