My name is Snowball and my “owners” left me behind. They weren’t so good to me as I was let out and had a litter of three white kittens a year ago and when found this February, was pregnant again. A sweet angel neighbor fed and kept watch over me until she could find my new guardian. Marci took me in and nursed me to good health through the remainder of my pregnancy and birth of three healthy babies who look just like me. Never had I seen such good food or received so many head and belly rubs. Now I hardly remember what life was like before. When my babies were two weeks old I noticed a couple more mouths appeared to feed. Linus and Lucy were two tiny black kittens abandoned by their mom. They were so tiny and so hungry I just fell in love with them and nursed them too. So, our family of four became a family of six! Watching them grow, and learning to play like a kitten again myself, has been such a joy in my safe home where I don’t have to hunt for food. Sawyer, Sophie Grace and Lily have all found new forever homes. People are coming to meet Lucy and Linus, and I’m finally ready for my new home!

I hope you will consider fostering – fur balls like myself are forever grateful. The love you give comes back to you ten-fold.

“Saving one animal will not change the world, but for that one animal, the world will change forever.” ~ Anonymous

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