My full name is Markivan Frosty but most people call me Lupi! I was born in Malta and was only six weeks old when my human Mum found me kept in a birdcage. Lucky for me, she saw what great dog I was under the fleas, etc. and took me home. When I arrived, I met my three doggie sisters, Milo, Mollie and Daisy. The trouble was, I didn’t know how to play with other dogs, and had a hard time getting along with my new “siblings.” And if anyone came near my food, well, I’d rather not discuss it! Understandably, I was a very fearful pup.

One day my Mum went on a trip to England. Soon after, Dad and I went too. At first it was scary to be in a new place. Manchester, England doesn’t look anything like Malta. But I quickly came to love my daily walks in the woods. And the best part: there is this wonderful cold, white stuff that falls from the sky! Now that I’m not hot all the time, I’m so much happier. I must have been born under a lucky star because I love my family, and they love me.

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