Hello! My name is Bud and I am a Bull Mastiff / Rotty mix. I wasn’t treated very kindly when I was a baby and so the animal police came and took me away from my yard. They gave me food and water, kept me warm and took off my collar that had grown way too small for me. I was much happier, but I still had one big wish. That wish came true when a lady saw my photo online and came to visit me. We had a long date that afternoon and I finally played like the puppy I was. I was so happy!

When it began to get dark, the lady left and I was put back in my cage. I didn’t understand because I was a perfect gentleman. The next morning, the other dogs made a big commotion. I looked around, and guess what? The nice lady was back! When they opened my cage she put a very soft leash around my neck and we walked out of that shelter together. That day was my 1st birthday. Yep, October 4th, the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals. My mom is not only my “patron saint”, she also helps lots of other dogs through her online rescue page, Tracey’s Tails Rescue.